Omni-Channel Marketing

Omni-channel marketing transforms a multichannel approach and integrates each marketing touch point to create a seamless customer experience. Customer journeys are no longer contained in silos and allow for a fluid engagement both online and offline.


Seamless customer experiences

A multichannel approach utilises various marketing channels to get the message out to the audience. However, this multichannel marketing, as frequently as it is adopted, treats customer engagement separately.

The reality is, customers interact with brands on multiple fronts. Whether it’s following your brand on social, or joining your email mailing list, having a fragmental channel experience is less than ideal.

However, businesses that adopted an omni-channel approach achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to business that don’t1.

With today’s technology being far more accessible for businesses of all sizes, taking an omni-channel approach is no longer reserved for brands with enterprise level budgets.

Customers prefer different methods of communication and at different times. Over 35% of customers expect to be able to contact the same customer service representative on any channel2.
Shoppers that engage on an omni-channel level have a 30% higher lifetime value than customers that simply ship using just a single channel3.
Companies that employ extremely strong omni-channel strategies experience a 9.5% year-over-year increase in annual revenue, compared to 3.4% for weak omni-channel companies4.


Integrate your multiple touch points

Embarking on an omni-channel approach is much more obtainable with a selection of marketing automation platforms to choose from. From small, medium to enterprise levels, omni-channel marketing is something all brands can adopt into their digital strategy.

And the benefit are clear.

Omni-channel customers demonstrated an 18.96% engagement rate compared to 5.4% for single-channel customers, while generating a 13% higher average order value (AOV)5.

Evolve your marketing and start to breakdown the silos built around your customer engagement journeys.


Taking an omni-channel approach

I work with brands to assess existing digital touch-points and develop strategies to help foster a seamless and integrated approach to their digital marketing.

Regardless of business size, or whether you operate in a B2B or B2C (or both) environment, I can develop a scalable omni-channel strategy that helps maximise channel strengths, while minimising their weaknesses.

I can assist in omni-channel related areas such as

  • Channel Auditing
  • Omni-Channel Strategy
  • Platform Integrations
  • Technology Sourcing
  • Technology Implementation
  • Omni-Channel Campaigns
  • Tracking, Reporting and Analytics
  • Channel Integration
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation


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