Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) takes advantage of the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising model to generate traffic. PPC is perfect for brands that have just launched or established brands looking to solidify their online presence.


Speed to market

Whether it’s Google, Bing, or Baidu, we all turn to search engines to find solutions to our problems.

With 93% of all online experiences beginning with a search engine1, it pays to have an online search presence to get in front of your potential customers.

However, optimising your website for search can be a long and difficult undertaking, particularly in highly competitive industries. But with the right strategy and approach, paid search can help your brand get in front to your ideal audience in a matter of minutes, rather than weeks or months.

Paid search is a great platform for driving traffic to your website. 63% of people said they have clicked on a Google Ad, with 49% of people clicking on text ads, 31% on shopping ads and 16% on video ads2.
Paid search generates engagement. In fact, Pay-Per-Click visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than traffic generated from organic search3.
According to Google, businesses that advertising using the Google Ads network make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend on paid search ads4.


Target the right audience

Search engine marketing platforms like Google Ads or Bing Ads provide a wide variety of tools to reach your target audience, and those in a buying stage are long hanging fruit prospects.

In fact, Google Ads results receive 65 percent of the clicks that started with buying keywords, while organic results only receive 35 percent5.

However, for most businesses, bidding on the open market without a clear strategy can be a recipe for disaster.

Determining customer intent through keyword research, paired with the right messaging and budget allocation will enable your brand to undertake a paid search strategy that generates a tangible return on investment.


Funnel prospects into conversions

Develop a search engine marketing program that focuses on understanding customer intent and funnel prospects through a lead nurturing journey that’s optimised for audience conversion.

I work closely with stakeholders to better understand your brand’s product/service and develop a paid search strategy that is complementary to your offering.

I can assist in SEM related areas such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Media strategy
  • Funnel / lead nurturing
  • Landing page development
  • Bidding strategy
  • Traffic report and monitoring
  • Campaign development
  • Campaign integration
  • A/B testing


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